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AutoCAD View Toolbar

Uses of 3D view port

To use the view the ports you need to have a good sense of the toolbar. Open Auto CAD files to the computer, which is essentially an approximate floor screen special. In screen X, Y axis are drawing an object. The drawing objects are two dimensional. It is painted with the axis when it is three dimensional. than you use 3D view port.

uses of viewport in AutoCAD
This tool bar allows you to view the two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3 D) can be seen in view of the other. 2D view of the two dimensional management AutoCAD orthographic views is the view of the tool bar. The top (Top), bottom (Bottom), Front (Front), Back (Back) and Side (Side) view can be seen. The three dimensional (3D) view is the view of other AutoCAD Isometric. Such SW Isometric, NW Isometric NE Isometric view. The view is the object is look like square, four.

Types of view port are 2 or 3 into the port will have a view from the view by clicking the tool bar is set. We describe given below name of the toolbar and description of toolbar.

viewport in AutoCAD

Computer screen found that there is a view of the view port. The drawing area is where some of the patterns seen him or whatever area drawing to view port.

Open AutoCAD files viewport a view can be seen. When work is done on the 3D AutoCAD than a viewport on should once again on a 2-D view of the frequent change of view. This problem can also be divided according to the viewport facility. Than a ‍same view one of the works in a screen. That is, at the same time or a screen two or more facilities.

Number of viewport:


Two Viewport

Select View

Select viewport

Select 2 viewport



Three Viewport

Select View

Select viewport

Select 3 viewport


Four Viewport

Select View

Select viewport

Select 4 viewport

Any object in 3D view of the viewport at a time to take a large number of shared benefits. Generally can be divided into horizontal and vertical two way viewport. View from the menu bar to go viewport initial view can be divided into two to four. Each of the four pieces that can be divided in the same way again each of the pieces can be divided again. For a maximum of 4 percent of the work facilities enough.
Normal 3D work to the advantage of EASE is the view shared view port. The smaller ones will be shared screen or drawing, and everyone seemed to work for a large drawing area.

Uses of View Port’s

For example, the view port is used various purpose
• 3D drawing time,
• 3D drawing different view, a different port, such as one drink, one elevation, one-dimensional view of the visit, etc.,
• Do not change the screen at the same time to work on different view,
• 2D to work on, but the greatest part of a port to another port or to another part of the work aimed at attacking Normal
• A wire frame view of the port and the other one is kept in the Shade

viewport using autoCAD

It takes more time to draw 3D view port. When the 3D three-dimensional object refers to the three-dimensional work is not recognized if the plans. Isometric view is that while the three-dimensional view. Plans to go back to work again, top view seemed to be working. This is to solve national problems or when plans 2D to 3D transformation will then be to meet with the so-view ports exist in two or more categories that are taken .One plan, one of the elevation, one-dimensional view to access for shade and 3D and 2D is to maintain a wire frame.
3D Viewport share the view or the view of his port not necessary when share computer screen. The same can be done with two or more. When the port need to click the mouse on the port is checking it. Current View port bold or different color of the border around the viewing. If necessary, turn on the object, just like the one seen in orbit. You need to edit the view port if has more advantage.
When you need to 3D viewport than you click menu bar. You should be setting you own choose when you need one viewport, two viewport, three viewport or 4 viewport.

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