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AutoCAD 3D sweep command

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AutoCAD 3D sweep command:

The modeling tool sweep is a most useful 3D converting important command. It is use when a part of mechanical drawing using sweeping path. for example you need to draw a V Thread. you must need to use sweep command. At 1st you need to draw a polyline which is used as a sweeping path. than you need to draw that type of shape as you like 3D shape.

Procedure how to a 2D drawing into convert 3D drawing


Construct a polyline

sweeping path

Draw an object which type of 3D shape you made


Now if need to you used 3D rotate

using 3D rotate

Select modify

Select 3D Operations

Select 3D rotate

Select object

Specfiy base point

Pick a rotation axis

Specify angle start point

90 degree than enter

Select top view of view toolbar

isometric view

Select SW isometric view toolbar

Select Draw menu

Select Modeling

Select sweep

using 3D rotate

Select sweeping object than enter

sweeping path

Select sweeping path than enter

3D object using sweep command

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