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Basic Terms in AutoCAD

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AutoCAD Terms & Conditions (Basic):

These are some simple terms that you will get to analysis before using AutoCAD:

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Absolute Co-Ordinate System
A way of entering points created on AutoCAD’s origin.
Acad.dwt It is default template that routinely loads when you conduct a drawing assembly. It can be modified to suit your needs.
Associated Dimension Dimensions that are linked with specific points. It will update as that point is moved.
Backup file AutoCAD can be set to routinely holdup you’re drawing and save it. It is a defense in case your file gets degraded. This is saved with a .bak extension
Blocks This is pre-drawn image you can insert in your drawing to save time and make your drawing file is smallest.
Clean Screen This is display setting that gives you maximum drawing space.
Cross hairs
It is your cursor or pointer when it is in the drawing space.
Cursor Your cursor will change subject on what function it is execution in the program.
Database A drawing file is actually a huge of database covering all information needed to copy the articles when the file is opened. Information for layers and linetypes, etc is kept in this manner.
Dialog box AutoCAD uses a huge number of dialog boxes to get info from you. You must know how data input the info that it asks for.
Template File It is a template file that contains preset values for commonly used settings. AKA a model drawing. The file extension is DWT.
Extents The outer borders of the objects you have drawn.
Grid It is shape of  . (dots) displayed on the screen to monitor you. This can be moved on and off by pressing the F7 key.
Grips Small ‘handles’ on objects that allow for quick editing.
Layer Any objects are drawn on a layer. You can group objects on a single layer and establish your drawing.
Layout Tabs It is space used for plotting your drawings
Limits (Grid) This is setting to impose an boundary on your drawing that sets the area of the grid, and when turned on, limits you to drawing in the grid area.
Linetype Any objects are drawn with various line type. Examples would be hidden, center, dot, hot water line etc.
Model space The drawing space is called model space.
Modify It is very essential part to how to modify a drawing.
Object Any drawing that is in the  database. Also known as an object.
Origin The (0,0) point of your current coordinate system is called origin
Ortho mode It is a drawing mode that allows you to draw only ortho mode. It is toggled on and off by pressing the F8 key.


Any drawing has follow one method, this is orthographic method to use 2D drawing
OSNAP It is very essaintial part a drawing, It is used object snap such as midpoint, start point etc
Pan This tool used move around drawing by dragging the drawing area around your screen.
Panel This is grouping of commands on the ribbon
Path The specific folder where AutoCAD looks for, or saves files.
Pick To select an object by ‘left-clicking’ on it.
Plot This is known as print. To make a hard copy of your drawing.
Polor Co-Ordinate System A way of inputting points based on distance and angle.
Property Any specific characteristic of an object such as layer, scale, linetype, start point, etc.
Relative Co-Ordinate System A way of inputting points based on a starting point.
Secton View An Assemble drawing has more complex thing, so you want to some part detail, so section view is essaintial.
Selection Set The current group of objects choosen for modifying.
Snap This is a drawing mode that allows you to snap your cursor to precise points laid out in a grid pattern. Toggle with the F9 key.
Styles Formatting that defines the look of text, dimensions, etc.
Units The basic drawing unit set for you drawing. As an example you can use inches or millimeters depending on your needs. You can also set the precision you want displayed, such nearest 1/32, 1/64, 1/16 etc.
User coordinate system (UCS) It is very most important part  when you draw a 3D drawing, so you used UCS
View A particular area of your drawing.
Viewport Viewport means you need to see your drawing to more viewport , so you use viewport
Wizard An easy step-by-step instruction set to help you set-up certain aspects of your drawing.
Zoom To view either a smaller section of your drawing (zoom in) or a larger section. It as more zoom option.


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