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Create nut and bolt using AutoCAD

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How to create a nut and bolt using AutoCAD:


Hexagonal Bolt

Nut and Bolt:

A nut and bolt is a metal having a head at one end and a threaded share to a sure length on other end. The head is shaped by copying or machining. This fasteners  is known through holes in the parts, which are to be joined. The estimated thread end of the bolt states a consistent nut from the other side. Constriction the fasteners  by turning gives necessary fastening hold to hold the parts together.  Nuts and Bolts  of difference shapes are used for various purpose but the hexagonal head and square head are very common. The sharp corners on the external flat end faces of fasteners  are chambered conically at 30

Step 1:

Draw the shaft of the fasteners  equal to the given diameter (D) and length (L).The thickness of the bolt head equals to 2/3D and the thickness of nut equal to 7/8D  are marked.Measure the width across flat to flat equal to 1.5D. It also when draw heavy bolt than 1.5D+3mm. How to draw across corner to corner given below:

we know one hexagon has six Equilateral triangle. so we know also one triangle has 180 degree and one equilateral triangle one angle has 60 degree.  center to end distance of circle is 18mm when diameter of bolt 24mm. so Hypotenuse equal sin60 degree equal orthogonal/ Hypotenuse. so dimension is 20.72mm and corner to corner equal 20.72×2 equal 41.44mm. We draw hexagon is inscribed in this circle. The chamfer circle is drawn as a thick circle inside the hexagon touching all its sides.

Step 2:

The chamfer arcs in three face view of fasteners  are drawn as follows.

now we need some important tip how to draw hexagonal  nut and bolt

we choose dia of bolt say it is 24mm. now use some international formula of the fasteners :

  1. Height of head equal 2/3D= 0.66×24=16mm
  2. Height of Nut equal 7/8D= 0.875×24=21mm
  3. Pitch of bolt= 1/8 of dia because when you draw a BSW thread bolt=24/8 equal 3mm
  4. Helix angle =1/2 pitch =3/2=1.5mm
  5. Flat to Flat = 1.5D =1.5×24=36mm
  6. Flat to Flat=1.5D+3mm when draw heavy bolt
  7. Corner to Cornter= (we disuse it Step 1)

Step 3:

AutoCAD Tutorail


Step 4:

AutoCAD Tutorial

      Front view

Step 5:

AutoCAD Tutorial

      Front view


Step 6:

 Bolt in AutoCAD

      Front view

Step 7:

 Bolt in AutoCAD

     Front view

See 3D video tutorial :

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