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Draw a thread in AutoCAD

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Thread :


It’s like the V-shape of the screw threads are cut underneath the English character. The screw has a shape like a triangle cut the floor, that was triangle . This is not a crank bar fixed easy way. To pair is used widely in different parts.
There are two types, such as Courses  and fine thread. Due to the large diameter of the common are in the course and the strength to be used in place of the ones that need. Fine thread, the course and the dam stronger than the strength of the thin sheets and thin thick part due to the time constraints and the diameter of the screw type is less than the needs of the time is appropriate. Its capacity is more than airtight.

V-Thread is most essential part in Mechanical component. I describe here how to draw it using autocad. You need to some information how to draw the component. There are various type of fastener use mechanical engineering, its called look its shape say: V, Square, Acme, Knucle, Buttress, unified   and ball screw etc. I Describe here more need to given information how to draw this component. So it‘s like to see the name of V-thread in that case we called it V-thread. For example We know that the river bottom is V-shaped, so the component like that. When we need to temporary fastener so we used these type of fastener.

  1. you need to know how the dia
  2. which type
  3. which standard use this component
  4. length
  5. Helix angle
  6. Pitch
  7. Flank
  8. Root
  9. Crest
  10. Outer Diameter
  11. Root Diameter
  12. Pitch Diameter

Now say you draw this component if it dia is 25mm and it is BSW  V-Thread

This standard when length of it is 25 than BSW  make number of it is 8 per inch.

so pitch = length of T/number of T per inch

so pitch= 25/8=3.17mm

Depth of thread: 0.707 pitch.

=0.707 X 3.17=2.24mm

Now procedure of draw below type of mechanical component:

T means=Thread:

  1. Draw a line length: 100mm

  2. Create Offset : 12.5mm

  3. again Offset : 1.5mm

    Offset using AutoCAD

    Offset command in AutoCAD

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4. Offset : 2.25mm

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5. Draw Line

using line

6. Trim which line are not necessary


7. complete the job

Thread using all dimension

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