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Auto CAD

Like other programs a menu bar and various types of toolbars are available in Auto CAD in addition there is a command line window at the bottom of Auto CAD interface. You can input command by typing in this window. There are two working space in Auto CAD. One is the model space where we draw objects and we found this space by default starting Auto CAD. The other is paper space which we used for better printing and we can go there simply by clicking on layout tab at the bottom.

Manual drawing or other people first-hand is that the same can be done with the help of computers more precise and accurate drawing. This drawing or design software that is used to design the most simple, so its popularity is much higher than the Auto CAD. Auto CAD drawings are usually in addition to the different types of design, rendering and three-dimensional drawings.

Any kind of technical education in each of the engineers or Architect must know drawing and the less time there is the option of fast drawing to Auto CAD. It also give some convenient there are given below:

1. It gives us correct and accurate work.
2. The dimension is likely to be wrong.
3. Drawing services can be quickly and easily.

4. Waste less time.

5. When need to be modified drawing don’t destroyed without any object.
6. Layer by layer, was no lock on or off the side of the layer can be.
7. Any style that character is written.
8. Zoom is a very small part of the small or large can be seen.


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