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Erase, Copy and Mirror

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Erase :

It is an essential modify command to when you need to some option of drawing are erasing.


Copy is the one of most impotent auto cad useful command . If you need to one object more copy you easily do them.


Mirror is most useful command when you looking one drawing has same side so you draw one side and another side you easily modify using mirror command.


Modify Drawing using Erase Command

Eraser Icon

Erase command can be executed by following ways

Command line Of erase

Command line : Type Erase or E and press Enter Key

Menu bar : Click Modify and Select Erase

Toolbar: From Modify toolbar click erase

Select for Erase


Step 1 : Input Erase command (any one of the above ways)

Step 2. Select object to Erase then Enter or

Step 3: Delete or click Erase

Modify Drawing using Copy Command



COPY command can be executed by following ways

Command line of Copy

Command line : Type copy or cp and press Enter Key

Menubar : Click Modify (menu) copy (option)

Toolbar : From Modify toolbar click copy tool



To copy any object you need to specify the base point and displacement point like move command. Consider the Picture-38a where a rectangle will be copied like Picture

Follow the Steps below to copy object like

  1. Type co and press enter key (Command line used to execute the command)
  2. Click on the rectangle to copy and
  3. Press Enter Key to complete object selection
  4. Click on lower left point (A) of rectangle as base point
  5. Click on right end point (B) of line as displacement point

Mirror Icon

Modify Drawing using Mirror Command


command line of Mirror

Command line: Type mirror or mi and press Enter Key

Menubar: Choose Modify (menu) mirror (option)

Toolbar: From Modify toolbar pick mirror tool

Mirror objcet


Step 1: Input MIRROR command (any one of the above ways)

Step 2: Select object (objects) to mirror and press Enter Key to end object selection

Step 3: Draw a line as a mirror by picking two points.(making desire distance from selected object)

Step 4: Press Enter Key to retain source (selected) object Or input Y to delete source object.




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