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Solid editing of AutoCAD

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Solid editing:

Solid edit

Solid editing Toolbar

While some drawings on paper are the primary way to start drawing a lot of the excess and the corresponding portion of the line or to the drawing later. After drawing to the final part of the excess is removed. When we work with AutoCAD may be part of such excess, secondary or it is the work of a command, which is not absolutely possible so it has some modification must necessary. For this reason you need to edit a drawing its called Solid editing.

3D object:

3D Object drawing basic shapes such as cube, cylinder, sphere, etc. These type of shape draw without modify but more part drawing cannot draw without modifying or only one command. In that case a drawing need edit for difference shape and size. For this purpose we used trim, extend etc (2D) command for modify the shape. Without these type of 2D command doesn’t modification a drawing so we need solid editing.

How we use solid editing command describe given below:

• Solid specific part to cut or trim.
• Model part combine two or more attached.
• To cut a solid middle part.
• One 2D dimension objects to transform a three-dimensional object.
• One solid drawing into split into two parts.
• One solid surface into narrow.
• Solid surface separate, copy, or rotate.
• Solid color or colors in-like surface.

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