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How to learn make a spur gear in autocad

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Spur Gear:



Spur gear has periphery teeth like Polly and used it’s fastening to the Spindle with Key. Polly or belt system such as one shaft to other shaft transportation is mechanical strength; it can be done through two gears. Polly and a belt system to turn the belt slide lower spin rate. But the gear system is not in this situation. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the gear were down. Spur Gear is most important gear of mechanical component.

Advantage and disadvantage of gear

1. Shaft rotation is driven off the field gear
2. Gear’s rotation rate is good.
3. The system can be put on more power.
4. This system is very near to each other is not necessary.

Spur gear in autocad

Spur gear:

This two type of fastener smaller part name is Pinion and Big part name is Gear. similar difference between small and large gear combined number of the dentist. Dental shapes, sizes, a dentist from the dental center to center, distance of the pitch is the same. Shaft has two axes of the plane and that the land, the land is parallel is used.

The names of different parts of gears:


  1. Base Circle (Base Circle): Its make Involute the main circle curve arrangements.
  2. Addendum Circle (Addendum Circle): It’s another name Outside Circle of gear. Dentist’s tangent edges of the circle that is to conceive of it as addendum circle.
  3. Deddendum Circle: It called is Circle route  (Root Circle). Dentists bottom touch was to imagine that the circle is called deddendum circle.
  4. Chip Circle (Pitch Circle): it’s an imaginary circle, which has the gears to imagine Dentists midway through the gears and two teeth touch each other circles that touch the imaginary circle to circle pitch.
  5. Addendum: The difference between the radius of the pitch circle and addendum circle.
  6.  Deddendum: Pitch Circle perpendicular to the distance from the bottom of dentists.
  7. Whole Depth of Tooth: It is difference between anddendum and deddendum circle.
  8. Working Depth of Tooth: A gear teeth and between the gears teeth to go up to the maximum depth that can touch the depth of dentists to it.
  9. Circuler Pitch: Center to center distance between one gear to another gear.
  10. Chordal Pitch: A middle center on the pitch circle attached to the straight line distance from the medical center.
  11. Circuler Thickness: Dentists circuler thickness on the pitch circle is called circular thickness.
  12. Chordal Thickness: Circular thickness of the chord length.
  13. Clearance : Two other gear, a gear attached to the bottom of dentists from the end of the gears middle clearance perpendicular to distance.

    See Video How to Draw Spur Gear:


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