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Make a Bevel Gear in AutoCAD

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Bevel gear:

AutoCAD 2D

Section View of Bevel Gear

Bevel gear are used axis of the center line of the two gears are then used in the intersection when another gear. This gear like conical form is located. The pitch angle of the bevel gear on the top floor crest cut of similar cut to fit under the Spur gears to reduce the harvest method complicated than called Bevel Gear.
General involute by cutting bevel gear cannot be cut. Why bevel gears module, diametral pitch, addendum, duodenum, etc. All measurements and standards that are measured in the pitch circle of the pitch, that is to receive. That is, the pitch angle is near the top of the measurement and the value of all the flies. The modules such as the module is located in the general involute gear cutting gear to harvest. if the pitch angle is close to the top as the flies diametral thickness. The bevel gears only for the production of gear cutting involute need to use.

1) Selection of Gear Cutter

If you need to cutting bevel gear using Milling machine than we used by the bevel gear cutting machine for bevel gears cutter, the fact diametral pitch, radius of the gear , used with the number of virtual teeth out in accordance with the list of the gear cutter 13-5 and No. 6 to select the gear.

2) How to job established

Dividing head specially created to make job spindle mandle is firmly fixed. Dividing head spindle is to be set up by the ramp. The ramp angle is the angle of Job, the route took the pitch angle and the angle of the angle difference adendum to bear.

At first we need to some formula of Bevel Gear

There are given below:


Name Symbol Pinion Gear
Module(M) m pcd1/nt1 pcd2/nt2
Pitch Circle Dia (PCD) pcd mXnt1 mXnt2
Out Side dia (OD) od pcd+2add1 pcd+2add2
Root dia (RD) rd pcd-2ded1 pcd-2ded2
Number of Teeth (NT) nt pcd/m pcd/m
Addendum (ADD) add m m
Dedendum (DED) ded 1.125m 1.125m
Clearance ck 0.125m 0.125m
Hole Depth (HD) hd add+ded add+ded
Cone Distal (R) r mnt1/2sind1 mnt2/2sind2
Addendum Cone (qA) qa tanqa=add1/r1 tanqa=add2/r2
Dedendum Cone (qD) qd tanqd=ded1/r1 tanqd=ded2/r2
Pitch Cone (qP) qp tand1=nt1/nt2 tand1=nt2/nt1
Face Cone(qF) qf qf1=qp1+qa1 qf2=qp2+qa2
Root Cone (qR) qr qr1=qp1-qf1 qr2=qp2-qf2
Crown Height (CH) ch mnt2/2 mnt1/2
Width of Teeth (b) b b=(1/3-1/4)r b=(1/3-1/4)r


Now we need to minimum two condition of a pinion and a gear

say Number of teeth 1 of gear= 18, Module=10mm and Number of teeth 2 of pinion= 12, module=10mm

now we calculate all data of gear and pinion

  • PCD         = mxnt1=10x 18=180mm
  • OD           = pcd+2add=180+2×10=200mm
  • RD           = pce-2ded=180-2×11.25=157.5mm
  • Add         =m=10mm
  • Ded         =1.125m=11.25mm
  • HD          =add+ded=10+11.25=21.25mm
  • CK          =0.125m=1.25mm
  • Pressure angle  =20 degree.
  • PCD of pinion     = mxnt1=10x 12=120mm
  • OD of pinion       = pcd+2add=120+2×10=140mm
  • RD of pinion       = pce-2ded=120-2×11.25=97.5mm
  • Add of pinion     =m=10mm
  • Ded of pinion     =1.125m=11.25mm
  • HD of pinion       =add+ded=10+11.25=21.25mm
  • CK of pinion        =0.125m=1.25mm
  • Pressure angle  =20 degree.

Now procedure how to draw a Bevel Gear

od, pcd, rd

Tooth radius

Make Tooth

using loft tool

Bevel Gear

See attached video how to draw Bevel Gear

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