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Setup AutoCAD 2007 Wizard

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How can we setup Auto CAD 2007 Wizard


When you working in Education or in industry, you may be configured your computer. Such as configure use a wizard . I show here how to configure setup auto cad 2007 wizard. When you start Auto CAD program you don’t see Auto CAD startup dialog box. so you need to follow given procedure:

  • Pick Tools menu
  • Select or pick options
  • Select System
  • You see middle position of right side startup drop down menu
  • pick drop down menu
  • Select Show startup dialog box
  • Pick Apply
  • Pick close.

then restart your program and see startup dialog box.


  • Open AutoCAD 2007 or
  •  Double Click on AutoCAD 2007 Icon
  • Auto CAD Interface appear Startup dialog box.


  • Select Use a Wizard
  • Select Quick Setup
  • Pick or Click OK

Note: Another option of setup wizard this is Advanced setup.This option use to more featured such as:

  • Select an angle of measurement and the precision for angle
  • Select the direction of angle measurement
  • Select the orientation for angle measurement



Step 1: Units Setting:

Choose Units: Which units use to do your work

  • Say your working procedure is in meter /Millimeter then you choose Decimal or
  •  Your working procedure is in Inch/Feet then you choose Engineering/Architectural
  • Click Next


Step 2: Area Setting

You would like to work Decimal units then you will put

Width: 297,Length :420 or

You use to Engineering/ Architectural Set up you put width: 100’X 100’

Click Finish.

Step 3: Zoom Setting:

  • Z enter for Zoom setup

We know zoom are mainly 8 type there are given below:

  • Zoom All
  • Zoom Extend
  • Zoom Window
  • Zoom Scale
  • Zoom Object
  • Zoom Dynamic
  • Zoom Previous
  • Zoom Center

now we press

  • A enter for Zoom all setup

Step 4: Ortho Setting

  • Press F8 for Ortho On/Off. Or Right click on ortho and on/off.

Step 5: UCS Setting

              (UCS means User Co-Ordinate System)


  • View from menu bar


  • Display
  • UCS Icon
  • Origin Uncheck or Origin Click.

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