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Solid Editing Tutorial part-1

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Solid Editing:

Solid editing tool bar use autocad

Solid Editing command :

Subtract: Subtract is most essential solid editing command to two or more 3D Object edit in the same plane intersect each other, or if the position interlocked of Solid sectioning part of an object with another to cut is used Subtract command.
After subtract an object to another object, the object Interlocked and the rest are cut.

Procedure of  how to subtract an object:

Draw two or three object

Intersect two part

solid edit using autocad

command : Subtract or (su) then enter

  • Select object than enter
  • Select object than enter

Intersect command:
Intersect is a 3D solid editing command to edit two or more 3D Object in the same plane that intersect one another or intersect section the position of the solid part of the left (or section become a part ) the rest of the order to cut is used Intersect command .
When a drawing Intersect than the drawing become interlock a part of the object and the rest of the object cut is to go into an object.To develop new forms of architectural works than need to make new form as well as in a variety of forms are added as needed subtract. Two or more of these different forms Interlocked or into each other, leaving the rest to cut the part of used the Intersect command.
Just like the command of the Union, in the form of two or more services or three-dimensional objects in the area will have to be interlocking area. You cannot edit other intersect solid.

solid edit using autocad

How to intersect more objects given below procedure:

solid edit using autocad

Command : Intersect than enter

Select object than enter

Note: Solid Editing toolbar has more featured. I Provide here only three useful command such as : Subtract, Intersect and Union. see more tutorial to learn other featured.



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