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3D visual style in AutoCAD

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 Visual Style:


3D Visual style Toolbar has 5 options. It also one option this is manage visual styles.

2D wireframe in AutoCAD

2D wireframe:
When the object is to show Structure of 2D wireframe

visual style

3D wireframe:
When the object is to show Structure 3D wireframe

3D wireframe hidden in AutoCAD

3D Hidden:
3D wireframe the object will show the back line, but is not required to show or hide away,
Flat shaded: Shade of a color when the object is to show the average or no effect.

Realistic visual style

Realistic :
When the object or effect of subtle shades of a color display is required, including


Conceptual visual style in AutoCAD

Conceptual Visual Style:

When the object or effect of color with a subtle shade, but whether or not it is necessary to show such will be the Edge.

Visual style manager

uses of visual tools:
When drawing three-dimensional view of the object in a cage or a wireframe (Figure 5.4.2 or 5.5.2) can be seen on the screen. Solid objects, or just outside the frame or cage or 2D / 3D wireframe tools are used for the visual style.

If you do not bring it to a tool bar on the screen to set the screen, right mouse click on any toolbar icon on the toolbar, the name of the all toolbar from there, click on the toolbar will be put in place as a boon to the screen. The tool bar is visual in the drawing area.

Manage visual styles:

When you need to properties of a drawing you go to manage visual style than appear a dialog box of visual style manager. Here you put your edit and close it.

Note: It is essential to us because when we need to draw a big project so you need to see 2d wire frame and also see conceptual visual style. when file size is big so you use 2D wire frame style.

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